Why your granite countertops need to be professionally prepared, cleaned and sealed by Perma Treat.
All granite countertops will fade, fail and disappoint over time.

No matter how many cleaning products you use the result will be the same. Your granite will become stained and dull. Want proof? Rub your hand over the counter top. Is it smooth as glass?

Now find the far corner of your countertop or go under the lip and feel how smooth that is. The difference is dramatic. The top of your countertop should feel as clean and smooth. It’s not your fault. Granite may look hard and smooth but on a microscopic level it contains tiny peaks and valleys. That’s where bacteria and dirt live. The result is a dullness you can feel. When you clean your granite countertop you only clean the surface. But the dirt and bacteria remain below the surface

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Perma Treat’s 4 step process will solve your problem.

Step #1.
Cleaning. Our technicians apply Extreme Clean, our commercial grade cleaning solution and let it soak down into Granite countertop. This is no ordinary cleaner, it was developed for 5 star hotels and hospitals by our scientists here in the US.

Step #2
Sterilize the surface. Next we use our industrial steam cleaner to safely but effectively sterilize the surface to hospital standards.

Step #3
With the cleaning process complete we apply the Perma-Treat Sealer to protect your granite. This is no ordinary sealer. We use our own proprietary sealer designed by scientists here in the US. Using nano technology the sealer goes below the surface to bond with the granite countertop. It’s like putting an invisible layer of gortex on the surface.

Step #4
We guarantee your job for life.

Your granite countertops will look as new and stay that way forever. So give us a call for a free evaluation and estimate. We will bring you countertop back to like-new condition.

Guaranteed for life.*