We know how to bring your outdoor patios back to life. Perma Treat is a Northwest company. We live here where the rain, mist and canopy of trees creates the mold and mildew problem you experience every year. The Perma Treat process was designed specifically for this climate. With our four-step process we can extend the use of your patio and make it so much easier to clean when the sun comes back out.

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Perma Treat’s 4 step process will solve your problem.

Step #1.
Cleaning. Our technicians apply Extreme Clean, our commercial grade cleaning solution and let it soak down into your stone or concrete patio. Next they use our commercial power washer to pull up all the dirt, mold and stains.

Step #2
With the cleaning process complete we apply the Perma-Treat Sealer to protect your patio. This is no ordinary sealer. We use our own proprietary sealer designed by scientists here in the US. Using nano technology the sealer goes below the surface to bond with the concrete or natural stone surface. It’s like putting an invisible layer of gortex on the surface.

Step #3
Our technicians apply anti mold protection making it easier to clean.

Step #4
We guarantee your job for 15 years.